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A company-sponsored email address is required for membership, however we understand that in some cases (unemployment, self-employment) a company-sponsored email address may not be available. To protect the valuable content in our Member Area, we will review Exception Requests on a case-by-case basis after you submit the following information:

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Starting out in a new industry can be overwhelming. Let our Free CatMan Learning Membership take some of the burden off you while amping up your career potential in the category management industry, whether at a retail or manufacturing organization.
CatMan Experts & CatMan Focus are at your fingertips.
Category management is all we do and we love to share learning with people who are hungry for knowledge. Since you’re here, we know you must be one and we welcome you with big CatMan arms.


Real Training is inside, not bait & switch marketing.
You might think we’ve pared down, removed our best content, or provided our least valuable training, tools, or resources — but that is just not how we work. We believe sharing knowledge is the best way to move our industry forward and we, like you, are in it for the long game.
Updates, Special Offers, and Exclusive Discounts.
Because you’ve shared a bit about yourself and taken the first steps toward learning, we reward members each year with added discounts on our Spring Sale and Black Friday Deals. That means you can plan ahead and save more on training you want to purchase. Any training purchased makes you a Premium CatMan Learning Member including access to even more resources.
Career Kickstarter and Long-term Resource.
As you begin to grow into your current role and expand, or want to upgrade your career, CMKG has a Personal Learning Advisor to help you figure out which training can help you reach your goals. After all, we have served thousands of students with various career paths, goals, and interests.